A must read!

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I have to confess, I didn’t read the book synopsis before starting this book and was expecting to read a story about the relationship between a son and his father. It is so much more than that!

The author does an amazing job drawing you into the family relationship and making you feel the sadness of watching a loved one fight a losing battle with dementia. The characters quickly come to life and it is easy to become absorbed into the drama as it unfolds.

I love a good mystery and this book definitely delivers. I found myself questioning how you would even go about protecting a loved one in a situation where they could be suspected of murder.

The author also does an excellent job of slowly creating a believable love story without it distracting from the central mystery of the story. The characters are all very believable.

My only criticism is the mystery was wrapped up a bit too quickly ( and conveniently). I expected a bit more story development rather than a quick wrap up.

Overall, I highly recommend!