Cape May County is my hometown!!!

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Oh my gosh, nothing cool ever happens here except for maybe the show “The Jersey Shore” or the book “A Death in The Night” about one of our local dentists getting in an accident with his family and being accused of murder! Are they considered interesting...? Maybe they could be to some....but this book sounds juicy, even if it is only fiction! To be able to picture the scenery will be so awesome! It seems that Mr. Newlywed southern boy Henry just might get himself involved in a love triangle, or maybe even a three-some! How scandalous and right in my back yard!!! I cannot wait to snag a copy of this book...who better to promote it than a local resident?? I’ve lived here all of my 33 years and hope that I recognize some of the places that will be mentioned! I missed reviewing the last few books so I’m happy that I stumbled on this one this evening and hope that you’ll consider choosing me to review it!