Pay Backs Are Hell!

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I received this book from Bookish to do a honest review for them and I finally found the time to read! Read I did and couldn't stop! That was good cause it caught me up on that earlier book in this one, "A Falcon Flies".. It's in the South,with slaves,you have privates bringing people from Africa as cargo to sell. Two stories going on at the same time,one is of Mungo, the other is of Camilla. It's hard to flip flop between two stories but Mr. Smith does a excellent job with it where you know what is going on at all times. You have adventures between the both of them,lives changed from what they both used to know. They grew up together and were friends and then both fell in love but one is white,one is black and a slave.Will either one find each other again and it so,what happens then? You have so many emotions going on in the story and very well written. You have everything that you could want in a story and more. Adventures, love,greed, lust, slaverly, pirates, revenge friendships that form and do you really know who to trust? This is not anywhere disappointing and Mr. Smith writing is excellent and historical where research was very well done.This story will stay with you and I will be reading more of his books and you will be so glad you read this believable story!!You will be so glad you read this,it doesn't turn out the way you may think!