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Graphic display of greed and revenge

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I haven't read "The Falcon Flies" so Mungo was totally new to me. I have read other Wilbur Smith books and have always enjoyed them, and this one was no different.
I found the book to be very sad - it is basically about how greed and a desire for revenge consumes people and gives them a faulty justification for doing heinous things to others. This was evident in Mungo, Chester (his enemy), Capt. Sterling and nearly everyone in the story. It shows that these desires are so strong that can totally destroy all of a person's principles :(
The book is quite graphic with gory fights, rape, and descriptions of the slave trade, so if you don't have the stomach to read about that, skip this!
I'd give the writing five stars, but found the story quite depressing overall, which impacted my overall "like" of the book, dropping it to three stars for me.