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Complex and Thrilling

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I have never read any books in the series. When Bookish First provided a First Look of Call of the Raven, I was intrigued. Mungo St John seemed like a character I needed to get to know.
Mungo St John is teh privileged son of a slave owner. While he is in Europe for school, he gets a letter from a salve with whom he is love with. Camilla is calling him home after Mungo's father has died. When Mungo arrives he finds his home is gone, his girl is dead and there is one man to blame. Mungo's next steps are all to take revenge on that man, no matter what it takes.
Mungo is complex with so much black and so much white hat his whole life is a shade of grey. Wilbur Smith has created a character that you want to like and then want to hate at the same time. This makes you emotionally invested and the swirl of emotions really anchors you to the story. Corban Addison helped create a world where slavery is still king and animal lives don't matter. There is enough truth to the background that you don't question how one man can go through so much; the action just keeps rolling.
The book is seamless between the two authors so I would have never known two people worked on it. The writing style is consistent and Mungo and Camilla's voice never changes. Pacing is even throughout the book and I truly enjoyed teh experience.
Call of the Raven is filled with white hats and black hats, but teh main characters are a shade of grey that is both complex and empathetic. In fact, I want to know what happens to Mungo next.