A Fantastic Story!

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These beginning chapters seem to beckon a blockbuster of a novel. It begins with a debate of slavery vs. the opposition of slavery. Mungo is young, a plantation owner's son. He supports slavery, makes a good defense, but loses the debate. He still has made money because he bet he'd get at leat 100 votes. We see a realistic portrait of Mungo as: smart, articulate and capable. After the debate, there is plenty of action because a man named Sidney accuses Mungo of insulting and abusing his sister. Sidney attempts to beat Mungo but he grabs Sidney by the arm and slams him on the floor. Later, Sidney returns with friends who come with weapons and Mungo is interrupted from beating back when a letter is delivered by messenger. He has to return to Virginia, his father has died. Once Mungo gets home, the action revs up again. Chester, the attorney has killed the father, sold the slaves and foreclosed on the plantation (which the lawyer now owns). Mungo escapes, finds Camilla (a slave) and her ill grandfather. Chester comes and shoots the slaves and the fate of Mungo hangs in the balance. I wanted to read the whole book today. I learned a lot about slavery too. A fantastic story!