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Can this man’s writing get any better?! Yes, yes it can. Wilbur Smith’s “Call of the Raven” takes the reader back into time to the plantation south, where people are put on display and worked like animals all because of the color of their skin. With the help of Corbin Addison, Smith divides head first into a world that helped create the reality we see today in United States of America. As a Dramaturge who specializes in multiculturalism, I think the biggest take away from this novel is the following question: If you were white during the time period of Mungo St John, what morals would you possess pertaining to slavery? This can be answered two-fold: you could believe that you have higher morals and would never do such a thing or you could be caught up with the reaities of that time period and face the fact most people are a product of the society in which they live in in order to survive.