What a Fun Story

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I had a wonderful time reading this novel! The main character, Anne, is an English professor at Fairfax (dream job!) who has a lot going on in her life. Her job isn't stable due to not having secured a book publication deal and the new president of the university is her ex-fiancé. Not a good start to the school year!

I really enjoyed Anne's voice and character as we went through the story. It did not take me long to become engaged and invested. The thing I think I enjoyed most was it wasn't just the romantic plot lines that had me rooting for her, but also the one about her career and her book publication!

The side characters are also a lot of fun and relatable. Her best friend, Larry, had me laughing multiple times throughout the book and I wished I could share a drink with the two of them. Her family also seemed flawed and believable, which I enjoyed. I felt all the characters were really well thought out.

I think this will do really well and will be a book club favorite! I will be sure to recommend it to my friends!