This is supposed to be a Persuasion retelling?!

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First of all - this is supposed to be a Persuasion retelling?! I just finished reading Persuasion and I didn't pick that up at all, but I saw in a few other reviews people mentioning it. I did see the blurb mentioned this is a "modern ode to Jane Austen's classic" but didn't connect with with Persuasion beyond the heroine's name. Now I'm going back and putting the pieces together, and ok, I guess I can see it. I do love an Austen retelling - especially something besides just Pride and Prejudice over and over again! So thanks for that!

I wanted to like this book more than I did. I wish it had focused a bit more on the main romance and on developing it, because the flashbacks are cute but didn't really make me go "Ah ha, yes, I can see why these two people should be together NOW (and forever and ever happily ever after)." I'm growing more and more leery of books that are billed as romance AND as women's fiction/chick lit. For a romance, this was a 2 star read - for a women's fic/chick lit, it was a 4 star. Let's call a spade and spade, please.