Oh boy. This is going to be interesting.

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College girl breaks college boy’s heart. Fast forward a decade...

College boy has climbed the ladder of success, college girl is still trying to get her first real taste of success with a book-deal deadline. Suddenly college boy is college girl’s Boss. There’s so many ways this can go. And i’m thinking it’s going to go quite badly for our struggling college girl.

The sneak peek is just enough to get a feel for the characters...Anne is still struggling with her college debt, has yet to make a name for herself, seems somewhat insecure and relies heavily on her friend Larry, who appears to platonically adore Anne and would like to encourage her to do her best. Adam, meanwhile, is the new comer but appears to be much more confident in his new role, has plans & directions he wants for the university....

I’m thinking this old relationship can and will make things quite messy for Anne and I can’t wait to find out if my hunch is correct & what will happen next! The writing made it fairly easy to get sucked in & get acquainted with/invested in the major characters in the book.