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Light, fun romance / academic satire.

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Okay, I finally figured out some way into this that "By the Book" and "Paris By the Book" are completely different books by completely different authors, and one is not a sequel to the other, despite the similar titles and cover art. Phew! My confusion is at an end!

This is a fun book about likable characters, although our character makes her college students read "Middlemarch," which seems to reveal a streak of cruelty in her!

The chapters are interspersed with examples of dumb, clueless rejection notes from academic publishers rejecting our heroine's books. I sort of skimmed these. I get it--they're dumb, they're clueless. I also skimmed pages about the jerky children of our heroine's sister, who is not as admirable as our heroine of course, and a mediocre parent, apparently.

Will our heroine go off into the sunset with a spoiled, devastatingly handsome celebrity author, or will she reunite with the new university president who also happens to be her ex-fiance and her long-lost soulmate? Who knows??!! I certainly won't tell you!!