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This book is supposed to be a retelling of Persuasion, and there are definitely some loose parallels. The main character's name is Anne, her favorite book is Persuasion (she's an English professor), and the new President of her school is her ex fiance, Adam, who she broke it off with several years before because she got convinced that it was a poor decision that would hurt her future, namely that she wouldn't get to build her career in the same way. Other than that, it felt like not much time was spent on developing her relationship with Adam, most of the first half of the book was about her relationship with another guy, and the tension between them was completely different. Wentworth was hurt and resentful of Anne, while still observing her plenty and unable to get her off his mind. Adam didn't seem to hold a grudge over their past, and again, they barely seemed to interact the first half of the book. And, actually, it felt like more time was spent on the various Jane Eyre references, mostly in that there's a vampire version of Jane Eyre being made that gets mentioned quite a bit throughout the book.

I did like all of the email exchanges, primarily with Anne struggling to find a publisher for her book in order to maintain her faculty position, but I never connected to the characters or the plot and in fact everything read rather young.