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Anne Corey is about as close to being an every woman as you can get. She's a single woman, in her thirties, professional with her job security threatened. She's up against the "publish or perish" dictum of professorial life. If she doesn't get a book contract, she doesn't get tenure and she will have to find a new college to teach at. With this pressure on her, the man she was engaged to marry but left to pursue a PhD has become the president of the college she teaches at. She's positive he hates her for breaking the engagement.
What we have here is a charming second chance at love romance, without most of the romancing we would get in other books. I liked that. Anne even has another man in her life, a man who turns out to be a stinker. How she navigates getting tenure, publishing her book, untangling the lies her new man tells her and arriving at her happy ending makes for a very pleasant read.
I received my copy of this book from BookishFirst.