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I’ve really been looking forward to this one. Of Austen novels, Persuasion is my favorite. I also love modern retellings of Austen.

I liked the characters in this book and the language used. Anne teaches literature at a college and I feel like she talks like a professor. Sometimes you read a novel about a very intelligent character but their voice doesn’t quite fit. I like very much how Anne is written. She’s smart, she’s kind, she quotes poetry occasionally and she has believably complicated relationships with her family. She’s also can’t let herself believe in true love because if she believes, she might have to admit that she gave it up years ago.

While in college, Anne fell for Adam. They had an intense, young love. They almost married. Circumstances drove them apart. Over a decade has passed and Adam resurfaces in Anne’s life. He is the new president of the college.

Anne’s life is in flux. Her dad has gotten sick. She has to get her book published in order to get tenure. In addition, she has just started dating an author she recently met.

I enjoyed the story and I wanted more Adam and Anne meetings. I can’t help but think too much time was given to Larry’s storyline and even Rick. I know the whole entire book couldn’t have been about Anne and Adam but I missed their storyline when it moved into a different character.
I loved how the author managed to work a ball into this story totally seamlessly. How perfectly fitting for an Austen inspired story.

My review is based on a review copy of the paperback that I was lucky enough to win on Bookish First.