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Academic Romance...

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As others have stated in their reviews, this book would be great for fans of Jane Austen. It's marketed as a modern day version "Persuasion.". I can definitely see why after reading the book.

Main character Anne is a college professor. She's working on a book that will help her in many ways, including securing her tenure. Other main character Adam is hired as the college president. Adam just so happens to be Anne's Ex. Anne is currently in a relationship with Rick whom is a writer.

As things progress, Anne begins to feel that her and Adam's relationship may not be as over as she thought. They spend more and more time together at school functions, and their relationship progresses.

Overall, the book was just okay to me. It didn't keep my interest very well, and I found myself struggling to get through it at times. BUT I think others would enjoy this book if they enjoy this particular genre and writing style.