For planning a business.

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I was never sent a copy, but looking at it online as best I can, with whatever samples are there, I can see that this offers an overview of creating a business plan!, info on setting your pricing!, a cost worksheet!, info on branding!, an "Understanding Your Brand Identity" worksheet!, etc.!

Info about planning for "movement" sounds a little bit New Age-y or touchy-feely American, but they just mean for people starting out on a business venture to "do a little bit every day." What a good idea!

Advice that you don't have to be perfect is good, because people should not avoid starting a venture just because of unrealistic ideas.

I doubt the worksheet page for "My Ideas" and "Possible Business Names" is really useful--I have stacks and stacks of notes at home just bursting with that kind of thing, since I dream of starting a business all the time.

The page about "Honing In" your idea should probably be called "Homing In," since you home in on an idea, or hone an idea. Since the page is about arriving at something, it should probably be called "Homing In." Or else if the idea is that you are refining an idea you already have, the page should be called "Honing Your Idea."

Anyway, for those people who have a copy of the book, it could be useful!!