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I love books by Jodi Thomas. Piper Mackenzie is the mayor of Honey Creek and her “boyfriend” goes missing and his car is found in the river. She wants to run for a higher office but with this scandal so she accepts her brother’s help. Her brother hires Colby McBride to investigate the mystery. He goes undercover as an old boyfriend. Piper finds herself attracted to Colby. Besides Colby being new to the town there is a new preacher Sam Cassidy who is the son of a preacher that also comes to town. He has become a drifter since his love had died. Sam isn’t sure he is the right fit for Honey Creek but we will see if he stays. Anything can happen in this town. I loved the characters in the book. This is new novel from Honey Creek and I hope that Jodi Thomas continues this as a series. There is romance and some mystery. I enjoyed the book. Thank you Kensington/Zebra books.