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Breakfast at the Honey Creek Cafe is my first novel by Jodi Thomas. It is set in the town of Honey Creek, Texas. There are four main characters and storylines, although there are many interesting side stories. This novel is well-written, humorous and fast-paced. It is evident that the author has affection for the characters and town that she has created.
Piper Mackenzie is the town mayor and has the dilemma of the suspicious disappearance of her fiancé (according to him, not her). Piper's brother has enlisted the help of a state trooper, Colby, to investigate the missing "fiancé". Sam is an ex-military fire fighter with seminary training who is filling in for the local pastor. Pecos is a motivated and kind high school senior.
Although a mystery, the story is primarily character driven. The only drawback for me was the occurrence of some "insta-love". This is the comfort food of books. Honey Creek is a nice break from the horrors of current events and would make a great beach read. I'll be looking for more books from Jodi Thomas.