Not Typically My Kind Of Read But So Good!

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Theres so much to love about this book! Breakfast at the Honey Creek Cafe follows Piper and Colby in small town Texas. Piper is the town's mayor and she takes her role seriously and wants to keep her town innocent and lovely as can be. Its6a quintessential small town Texas, full of love and gossip and friendships that last lifetime's and people that never leave the town in their entire life. Piper's so-called fiance goes missing so here enters Colby, an undercover police officer on the track of finding Piper's missing other half and posing himself as Piper's new boyfriend to not draw any suspicion towards himself in a small town that gossips every chance they get, especially when a new character arrives and is the mayor's new boy toy! This book is filled with love and laughter and friendship and so much more. It's not typically something I would pick up and read but that's what I liked about it! It was different from everything else out there and was just one of those feel good reads. A must read for sure!