Meh Small Town Romance

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Breakfast at the Honey Creek Cafe was cute in parts but overall I was a bit meh on the two of the couples.

This novel is supposedly a small town romance novel. There are three different couples, all M/F, and the romance is so tame that one pair finally works up to a kiss on the lips by the end of the book. Yawn.

In addition, one of the male leads has some seriously retrograde ideas about women and relationships and this viewpoint is never challenged. I’m guessing we are supposed to assume that he’s dating the female mayor so they’ve managed to resolve it but man that guy needed a good cussing out.

I rated this book a 2.5 stars, rounded up to three. Unfortunately the unchecked anti-woman statements ruined this book for me. It had its moments and I liked it enough to read the First Look on BookishFirst and then find the book on my own when I didn’t win the raffle.