made my romance-lover's soul smile for all the right reasons

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No one tells Texas tales better than author Jodi Thomas--she's a true Texan who has stayed true to her Texas roots. A master storyteller, she builds her characterizations and story lines with layers, and there are always elements of surprise for the reader. Her latest release, "Breakfast at the Honey Creek Cafe" is a compelling contemporary romance filled with characters you'll want to get to know, plus small-town politics and a touch of mystery. The heroes are sigh-worthy, the heroines are smart and sassy, the humor is heartfelt, and the town itself is quaintly quirky. Piper Jane Mackenzie, mayor of Honey Creek, TX, comes from a long line of politicians and public servants. Dedicated to her job, Piper envisions herself someday advancing her political career to the governor's office. When Piper's longtime acquaintance and sometime photo-op partner mysteriously disappear at the same time the local sheriff goes missing, speculation and nasty rumors begin to swirl. One of Piper's Texas Ranger brothers calls in state trooper Colby McBride to head to Honey Creek as an undercover investigator who will keep a very close eye on Piper. As events escalate around them, the sparks fly between Piper and Colby. He finds her lovely and appealing , and she is hard-pressed to resist his outrageous charm. The new preacher in town, Sam Cassidy--son of a "traveling preacher"--arrives for a short-term stay and is soon involved in the lives of the townsfolk. Somewhat at a crossroads in his life, Sam finds himself drawn to the area and the people--especially a certain sharp-tongued redhead named Anna Presley. As the mysteries deepen and dangers loom, Colby is working hard to protect Piper and keep safe the growing admiration between them. When all truths are revealed, will there be a happy future in sight for the mayor and the lawman? Will Sam's restless heart find its home in Honey Creek? This book made my romance-lover's soul smile for all the right reasons, and I greatly look forward to the next book in the series.

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