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Jodi Thomas’ new novel follows Piper—the mayor of a small Texas town. When her “fiancé” mysteriously disappears, she hires detective Colby McBride to solve the case. The catch is the McBride must pose as Piper’s desperate ex-boyfriend to stay undercover. I thought the novel was particularly enjoyable. It was a light and sweet read. The writing style was easy to get into. I found myself attached the characters, as the author wrote them very likeable! The sense of community in the small southern town was very cute.
One aspect I did not enjoy was some of the dialogue. It felt a bit unnatural and awkward in some places. The exchanges felt a bit over planned and non-organic. This book is by no means a work of brilliant fiction, but is a nice read if you have a few hours to spare and would like to relax. But, overall, I enjoyed it. I definitely recommend for a light read!