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Yaminah Okar left Obsidian and the wreckage of her family years ago. She and her father have made lives for themselves in Brooklyn. She thinks she’s moved on to bigger and better things. She thinks she's finally left behind that city she would rather forget. But when a Facebook message about her estranged mother pierces Yaminah’s new bubble, memories of everything that happened before her parents' divorce come roaring back. Now, Yaminah must finally reckon with the truth about her mother and the growing collapse of a place she once called home. This one was so sad but so good and I really see it so differently now and I can’t believe I got the chance to own a copy of this book! This is one that I put on display because It sucked me in and I read it in two days. I liked the book a lot and the author did a great job showing the main characters many different emotions.