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"Yaminah Okar left Obsidian and the wreckage of her family years ago. She and her father have made lives for themselves in Brooklyn. She thinks she’s moved on to bigger and better things. She thinks she's finally left behind that city she would rather forget. But when a Facebook message about her estranged mother pierces Yaminah’s new bubble, memories of everything that happened before her parents' divorce come roaring back."

A novel that starts quiet and then packs a punch - with strong characters and compelling plot, I was expecting to enjoy this book more. While I found myself distracted at times, it was a quick read and occasionally emotional.

In this is a coming-of-age story, Iloh does a good job at exploring the themes of family, poverty, gentrification and grief. Yaminah's struggles are real and she is a complex character. The writing is easy to read and some of the experiences are quite relatable. A read that many would enjoy.