It beautifully written

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This book is awesome I’ve read it before and it’s beautifully written and I love the art on the cover it really brings out the story itself. The art makes me so happy I could explode. I really enjoy the font they used in the book it’s not to small and not to big I really appreciate that when reading a book. I hate when print is too small to read. I really want everyone of you to go pick this up at your local book store or Amazon because this book will blow your mind like it blew mine. It’s an amazing book and I even cried a few times I want everyone to go read it right now that’s how good it is. I hope you guys enjoy the reading! I certainly did. And I know for a fact that you will. Thank you for reading this I hope everyone has an amazing day like I will be having. Go have fun reading and maybe writing if you like doing that too I have no clue. Enjoy your books and treat them well thank you bye!