Emotional, complex and skillfully written

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Minah and her father moved to Brooklyn from Obsidian, Michigan several years ago. Minah has had no contact with her family in Michigan until she gets a text inviting her to a family reunion honoring the life of her estranged mother, Sandra. She is shocked by the news of her mother's death and furious that no one told her. She travels to Obsidian to see her large, extended family and discover the truth about her mother's death. The narrative of Minah's present is juxtaposed with her mother's journal entries and Minah's flashbacks, such that the truth is revealed to the reader at the same time that Minah pieces it together. This is a sad and powerful story about a complicated family situation which explores grief, divorce, mental health, addiction, family fragmentation, and the consequences of keeping secrets. Minah is a strong character as she faces the pain and secrets of her childhood. The writing is nuanced and descriptive, painting a vivid picture of Minah's life in both Brooklyn and Obsidian. Break this House is a skillfully written and gripping, emotional coming-of-age story.