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I appreciated the narrator's forthright reactions and descriptions of everything from her neighborhood to the odors on her father's clothing at the end of his shift. The female, first-person narrator is a teen who describes her life and emotional reactions in a genuine voice.
This narrator isn't wearing rose-colored glasses: her father's job as a butcher in a meat packing plant disgusts her, especially now that she's a vegetarian.
Her father, on the other hand, is offended, as if her social consciousness and new diet are a threat.
criticism of how he pays for their roof and food on the table The book addresses a number of difficult issues, the most significant of which are estrangement from family and loss. written in the first person by a female narrator It helped me understand and connect with the main character a lot better, in my opinion. It also contributed significantly to the character's development.
Another aspect of the writing style that I appreciated was how descriptive it was and how much attention to detail was described throughout the book.