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Based on the blurb alone I wasn't sure if this book was something that would keep my interest. After reading the author's letter to the reader I take it back!

"The truth is I wrote this book to say the things I'm not supposed to say."

Real. Raw. Unique. & now. This is definitely something I can get behind.
Yaminah seems torn between the old life she so desperately wants to leave behind and a new life she is trying to settle into.

After recently having moved from Michigan to Brooklyn with her father Yaminah is settling into her new life but yearning for her old life as well. Divorce, estrangement, and dysfunctional family dynamics all make up Yaminah's story.
Yaminah's story is told with dual timelines, both past and present. I loved the way we are able to see both perspectives. This book was pretty short, just over two hundred pages, but it packs such an emotional punch. 4 stars.