A Girl dealing with hard, real life issues.

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Sometimes, I read a YA novel and it's full of high school issues. Those issues seem huge at the time, but never stick with you. Then, there are YA novels like Break This House. Where a young girl, is dealing with hard and real issues like adults do. It's a good idea to step out of my, mostly white, world and into a world of any race that isn't mine. To put myself in the shoes of someone with a different view, and this book is a good one to do that with. I loved that I felt like I was walking with Minah and experience her life and her family with her. Minah is a typical teenager, worrying about parent issues and her boyfriend, but then she finds out in a Facebook post, that her mom has passed. They had a terrible relationship that resulted in her and her dad moving away, but you can still tell she hurts knowing her mom is gone. She decides to attend the family reunion in Obsidian and finds out answers to questions. It's kind of hard to talk about some things, so I don't give any spoilers, but I really enjoyed this book. It's a short and quick read.