Slow Paced British Crime Procedural

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The sixth Jane Tennison book was just not as exciting for me as the other five that I have read. This one was the story of Jane being transferred to a police station in an affluent neighborhood with little crime, until a theatrical agent is brutally murdered. The description of the murder scene turned my stomach, so I must add here that there were many extra details in this book that I did not feel added anything to the story except salaciousness. That being said, this is a good crime procedural with many themes, including the world of actors and how deceptive they can be, sexual abuse in that world and the acceptance of a female police officer in an all-male office. At times, I felt that the book was just too wordy and that slowed the pace of the plot. The plot itself was interesting and well-developed as were the characters. My favorite character this time was not Jane, but rather the secretaries and receptionists who had a lot to say truthfully about the death of the rather strange Charlie Foxley. These details seemed necessary and made the story more realistic and appealing to me, a person who is not part of the acting world in any way. All in all, I enjoyed the book but I did not think that I needed to race through it to find out whodunit because that took second place to the drama behind the curtains and in the police station itself. Fans of Tennison may enjoy this new book, but I do think it lacked the humor and general spirit of liveliness that I found in the other books.
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