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This is a Tennison thriller I was unaware that there were more Tennison novels until about halfway through. This book makes me want to pick up the other ones to read as well! This one is about Jane Tennison solving the horribly vicious murder of Charles Foxley a well known showbiz agent. As Jane follows leads that take her in all sorts of different directions she also seems to be in hot water in the department. This book read a bit slower for me than other thrillers have. I thought it was fun and interesting all the different directions this book took you but it wasn't one where I had to keep reading to find out at least not until closer to the end that is! I liked that this book is able to be read as a standalone but just enough was put into it to make you curious about Jane Tennison and what has happened to her in the other books. The cover of the book fits well with the visual you would get from Charles Foxleys career