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Ok so I had extremely extremely high hopes for this book. I wanted a fast-paced, thrilling, cozy mystery that was was in the vein of hallmark movies and mysteries. However, within the first few chapters it had already gotten really really really gory (for me at least) and I struggled to get through the rest. I know this is a very popular author, but the cover fooled me into thinking it would be a sweet and easy mystery and not a creepy one. So, in the end, after the first couple of chapters I had to skim some of the rest because of the nature of the crime. It had my skin crawling and I really didn’t want to keep reading, but I also wanted to know who had done it. So, overall I was pretty disappointed with the direction and the details that were given. I may try again someday but for now I had to put it down in favor of not reading about super brutal killings.