From beginning to end this was full of surprises.

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When Maud Warner entered the New York restaurant and shot financier Sun Sunderland as he lunched with his friend Burt Sklar was he the actual target or was she really aiming for Sklar? Maud was raised as a member of New York society, but when her step-father died her mother turned over control of their finances to Sklar. After the death of her mother, Maud and her brother were informed that there was no money left from the millions that he initially controlled. Now Maud has carefully plotted her revenge. Having become a frequent poker player, she knows the importance of a good bluff and she uses this to her advantage.

She was referred to as “Mad Maud” when she first start d making accusations against Sklar, but time has passed and she was forgotten by most of her old friends. Now Sunderland is dead. News of his infidelity and financial manipulations ar flying through society and his best friend Sklar played a part in all of it. It seems “Mad Maud” was right and now she has to find a way to use these accusations to her advantage.

Jane Stanton Hitchcock has written a story that is full of unexpected twists. From Maud’s opening shot to her final surprising testimony in court, her actions are calculated and she never shows her hand until the game is over. From the New York society dinners to the illegal poker dens, this story was pure fun to read and I would highly recommend it. I would like to thank Bookish First for providing a copy of this book for my review.