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Bluff is more than just fashion and luncheons; the novels look at the greed, betrayal and murderous tendencies of the social elite.
One day Maude walks into the Four Seasons, is shown to a party by an unsuspecting maitre d', and pulls out a gun, shoots at the party, and then walks out. The novel follows the fallout. Was Maude aiming at the accountant who she says stole her mother's money and she hit teh wrong person? Why would she do that in front of everyone? Is Maude really crazy? But this is more than just Maude's story; involved in the aftermath is the widow of the man slayed as well as his mistress. Who is bluffing? Who really holds the cards?
This book was really fun! The story builds with excitement and keeps you on teh edge of your seat. Each twist just gets you more interested in the mystery. You keep reading because you want to know what's really going on.
Sadly, the author delivers tehg twist without any fanfare. Any poker player would be sad about the delivery. The twist itself is magnificent but it's presented without much emotional impact; It's just stated as a fact.
The ending seems rushed but at the point, the story has been told and teh author is just tying up loose ends.
I did enjoy reading the book and look forward to reading other works by Jane Stanton Hitchcock.