Highly Anticipating!

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This is one of my most-anticipated releases of next year! Dennard has stuck out in the YA fantasy genre for me through the detail put into her worldbuilding, her originality in plot and themes, and her wide range of compelling characters.

Bloodwitch picks up shortly after the end of Windwitch, and while I enjoyed the last two books, this one focuses on Aeduan, my favorite--mainly because he's the most complex and mysterious! Knowing that combined with what I was able to read in this preview, I feel confident in saying it will be my new favorite of the series.

Also, the cover gives me Dragon Age vibes, of which I know Susan is a huge fan, so I'm obsessed! It's the best cover so far, and I'm really happy with how Aeduan looks. I'm not usually a fan of characters on covers, but I feel like this one was done right; Aeduan's complicated and intimidating nature really come through with this design. Can't wait to get my hands on this!