This one has it all!

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This book is so well-written. It has a little bit of everything: murder mystery, magic, and romance. Everything that I love in a book, Beaty has intertwined into a deliciously addictive and enthralling story.

I always love when the premise of a book is a character learning about their powers, because you get to learn with them as they go. This makes it very easy to understand what is happening and what powers they have, while also leaving you wondering just what else they are capable of doing.

While the magic system is unique and exciting, I could not review this book without also discussing the budding romance between the main characters. Not only was it a realistic relationship that gradually bloomed from nothing, but I loved the way that the author explored how secrets and omissions of truth affected the ability of both characters to truly connect with each other.

Overall, I am so glad that there is going to be more from this series, because I'm not done with this world that was created yet.