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It features three-dimensional characters, a mysterious serial killer on the loose, thrilling moon magic, a sweet romance, impressive old-school investigation, and a truly unique setting. The writing has excellent pacing, flows smoothly, and is extremely easy to read in a single sitting. The serial killer is the main focus of this story. Blood and Moonlight is a twisting dark mystery set in a fantastical world reminiscent of France, and it reminded me of the movie Stalking Jack the Ripper. The mystery was executed extremely, EXTREMELY, well! It was a fast-paced story that managed to maintain the intensity while also providing deep world-building, character development, and a very cool, strict magic system. The romance felt completely natural, just like how teenagers fall in love. Both relationships felt extremely genuine and valuable, and Catrin's intentions were crystal clear with both Remi and Simon. The moon's mystical powers were incredible. I liked how certain characters' senses were heightened after being exposed to direct moonlight. However, this is a thrilling journey into the depths of criminal minds, murder investigations, family facades, and small-town secrets.