Fantasy with a search for a serial killer

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The second I saw this cover I knew it was a book I had to read. From the very beginning I was drawn into the story and I think a large part of that is how much I really liked the main character Catrin or Cat. She is fun, adventurous, passionate, and hard working. I love that her role is to climb high in the scaffolding to check for safety and she has to be reminded to wear a harness. The mystery was very good and I loved the attempt at profiling and the more primitive forensics mixed with a little bit of magic. Cat hears a woman scream and runs to the site to watch a cloaked man leave and a murdered woman. She is drawn into the investigation because of her initial observations. I don’t totally love the way books like this always have love triangles and it was a little over the top in this one, but I ultimately did love the romance between Cat and Simon. I haven’t read anything by Erin Beaty before this book, but I definitely will be looking into more books by her in the future.