Definitely interested me!

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The cover and synopsis drew me in. To be honest I don't think this is my normal cup of tea but i did get easily sucked in. Although you see just a little of the characters I cannot wait to read this book in full as I already see myself connecting with the main character. The plot sounds super good and starts off strong.
Again I was hesitant since my normal reads are vastly different but I'm very excited to finish this book. If it goes as good as I think it will I believe it will open my mind and reading preferences up to a whole new genre. I think this book will be riddled with action as well as lots of plot twists and a surprise ending.
The excerpt gives just enough to suck you in, even only reading it I found myself stepping into the main characters shoes. The author wrote it so well, with lots of details which in my opinion only makes a book better. So please add this to your TBR cause you will not want to miss this!