Amazing YA murder mystery

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Catrin is an orphan who works for a master architect. She inspects the scaffolding for any faulty areas and reports it to the architect, Magister Thomas. They then have to take it down and rebuild.

During one of her inspections that she does at night, since she has a hard time doing her job during the day with all of the workers there, she is a witness to a murder, but not in a way you think. Somehow, she felt and heard what was happening to the victim as if she was right there. So she helps Simon and Juliane investigate using deductive reasoning and inspecting the bodies as the murders of young women continue. It gives me Jack the Ripper vibes since prostitutes are being targeted.

I also like how it touches on mental illness as Juliane has a brilliant mind where she can recall every detail, but she also sees and hears things that aren't really there.

This is an amazing read. The writing is phenomenal, the characters are relatable and have so much depth, and the story sucked me in from beginning to end. If you like murder mysteries in a medieval style setting with bit of moon magick, I highly recommend this!