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This book was an amazing blend of mystery and fantasy. It had an amazing magic system and great worldbuilding while still sticking to the murder mystery/ ‘who’s the serial killer?’ Plot. I do think that a sequel focused on the aftermath of this book, and more focused on the magic system would be beneficial. Especially since there are questions about said magic system that are left unanswered.

My favorite part of this book is probably the character development of all the characters, but Catrin in particular. Her growth made sense while never being too out of character for her. From her trying to protect those she cares about to her skepticism about her magic, it all made sense for her and her experiences.

The last thing I want to talk about is the romance. The romance is worth it in the end, no matter how scrambled it may seem. That being said, it did feel a little scrambled at times. Especially with so many guys pining after the same girl.