A murderer on the loose

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I can not find the words to describe this book after reading it, I am shocked and still trying to come to terms with how it ended. Cat is a great female character,I love love her. She is strong and smart. When the first lady is murdered and Cat finds the body in the alley, i could not put the book down. The details of the murder, the body was crazy. When Simon appears and is named to investigate the murders and find who is killing everyone, i found a new character i love. Simon and Cat start to work together and she is finding more bodies and the closer they think they are to knowing who the killer is the more stuck you will be in the book. Jeez, this book was seriously great. I enjoyed it and the ending was unexpected but I love it of course. The cover is very beautiful, when i was reading it lotd of people would ask to see the cover because it caught their eye it is beautiful.