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The main character’s a risk taker with some sort of magical ability that’s led her straight to the site of a heinous murder. Her job is to inspect the scaffolding of a onstruction project regularly. She uses a safetyline only begrudging, has named all the statues in the area, and has a habit of smashing wandering hands. Don’t worry, she doesn’t break any bones… for the first time offenders anyway. She’s an interesting main character. The murder mystery is intoduced right away, with a bunch of clues to get you started. It draws you in right away. I definately want to know what happens and how the main character was drawn to the crime scene. At first glance, the other characters major and minor seem dostinctive and three domensional. You’re plopped right into a new world ans magic system that isn’t well explained through drawnout exposition, which is a little confusing but allows you to get to the action right away. A pretty good start, as long as the world is going to be better filled in later before things get too confusing.