Magical sword YA fantasy

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Ziva, an 18-year-old blacksmith with severe social anxiety, goes on the run with her sister, a hired mercenary, and a scholar after finding out her latest creation, an all-powerful magic sword, is intended to be used for evil by the warlord that commissioned it.

I found BLADE OF SECRETS to be a mediocre YA fantasy read. Although the concept of the story was enticing, the world building was lacking. Though there was some action, none of it was very intense so I didn’t find the book to be a gripping page-turner. There is also a romance sub-plot. This is book one of a duology and does end on a cliff-hanger. Even so, I don’t feel very motivated to pursue the second book.

BLADE OF SECRETS wasn’t the best fit for me but fans of YA fantasy or those looking for social anxiety character representation might like to give it a try.

Digital copy read via Libby.