I really loved this book

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I read this book so fast once I finally sat down and put time into reading it. The plot just grabs you and once it does, it doesn't let you go. The story features the sisterly bond heavily and I really liked that they were willing to go through just about anything for each other. The story picks up quickly and I read it in a day because of it.

I had read the first few chapters before being sent the book and thought it could be really interesting and I was right. The author takes the time to build up the world and the characters so that you actually care about them before the plot gets heavy. Ziva, the bladesmith, has anxiety and hates talking to people and that is something I can kind of relate to. She quickly became a character I really like and even though she was a little frustrating at times, I wanted everything to work out for her.

Aside from the main character, all of the side characters (her sister, a scholar, and a mercenary) are all so well developed. Everyone has their own personality and they all add so much to the story and the plot. Her sister is her own person who is able to handle herself when everyone is in danger. I loved this fact about her. The scholar cares so much about his books and I really found myself relating to him because of it. The mercenary is reluctant in the beginning and doesn't share too much about himself but he slowly warms up to the others in the group! I love the progression of his character and it made me really like him!!

I had so many moments of excitement when the main character and her love interest were interacting. I loved those moments so much and I used so many tabs in this book. I had to mark such cute lines! What if I need to go back and read them!!

There are twists in this book that I didn't really see coming and I loved that! I enjoyed turning my brain off and just getting to read a cute story with a crazy plot where they have to travel all over the country.

The ending of this book hurt so much and made me crave book 2. I need to know how everything ends up because I need everything to work out! Luckily book 2 is coming out at the end of July so I won't have to wait too much longer.

I would really recommend this book if you like sisters who protect each other, cute budding romance, and an adventure to try and save the world! This book is short but packed full of world and character building, it makes you love our group of 4!