Cute but not memorable

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I always wonder when I'm disappointed by a book if I just overhyped it too much in my mind. Young Adult reads are very hit or miss for me and this one... Wasn't necessarily a miss, but it wasn't the hit I went in expecting. The relationship development seemed very fast and very superficial to me just as the writing, at times, seemed very fast paced and superficial.

I admittedly also have a hard time with first person. I tried to jive with it for the most part, but I felt like I was too far into Ziva's head and couldn't get a read on anyone else.

The stakes never really felt quite that high to me and even the scrapes they did get seemed arbitrary just so they weren't getting off easy every time.

Really, I feel like I'm being hypercritical of a story thats supposed to just be a feel good adventure and nothing more. That's fine. It was a quite read and, admittedly, it was charming. I don't think I'll commit to the second book but I will keep it for my kids to read and that's a compliment.