An adventure with a blacksmith

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This book was awesome, i finished it in just a few hours and I'm left wanting more. This book is well written and it has great description. I loved the adventure with Temra, Ziva, Kellyn, and Petrik. Ziva is a blacksmith with magic, she got it from her mother and her sister Temra is absolutely awesome, she doesn't have magic but she has a temper and great love for her sister. I love their bond. Kellyn is a hired swordsman to protect them while there on the run with a magical sword that is to powerful and indestructible. The blade of secrets will reveal the secrets of the one it cuts. I could not stop reading this. Petrik is writing a book on people who have magic and he joins their group. Together they hide, fight and run. This was really a great book, I'm glad to have had the chance to read it. I'm excited to read the next book, I'm sure it will have more adventure, romance and a bit of magic.