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An adventurous fantasy full of danger and magic. I really love the characters and the world building. Ziva is shy, quiet and awkward. She doesn't like people and keeps to herself and feels at home in her forge and with her sister, Tamra. Tamra is fierce and fearless and even though she's the younger sister, she will do anything for Ziva. I love the sister bond between Ziva and Tamra. They will do anything for each other. Ziva is asked with forging a sword and mistakenly makes one that's incredibly powerful. So she and Tamra find a way to keep it from getting into the hands that will use it for evil reasons. It's such a unique story and the ending is such a pleasant surprise. The story is engaging and I enjoyed ever bit of it. I highly recommend the book if you're into an adventurous YA fantasy full of magic and villains. I can't wait for the sequel!