Intriguing Characters

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This First Look may not show off the plot detailed in the description very well, but it does introduce a small cast of intriguing characters.

Perhaps the most intriguing of all is our main character, a blacksmith with crippling social anxiety. She's been forging weapons since she was young, creating things with iron and magic, and doesn't talk to anyone but her sister if she can help it. I think her anxiety alone makes a very interesting character I'd like to see more of, but I'm also interested in seeing more of her magic and how it came to be.

But there's another character, like me, who also wants to know the secrets of Ziva's magic. I haven't seen much of this man, Petrik, but his involvement with the story seems interesting as well. He's a scholar writing a book about magic as a whole, traveling the world to interview people with magic and figure out how their magic works. Because of Ziva's anxiety, she turns him down, but I can just tell he'll be an important character throughout the book (and will eventually get his way).

Having read two Tricia Levenseller books before this, I am a bit familiar with her writing. I know she does a really good job with character development and writing intriguing characters, so I'm not very surprised to find myself sucked into this story via the characters alone.

This First Look doesn't introduce the plot of this book, but from reading these first two chapters, I know I definitely want to see more of this story!