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True rating 4.5/5.

This gave me total Wolf of Wallstreet vibes and though I am not one for workforce or salesman type reads I was completely drawn into this audiobook from the start. I absolutely recommend this book. You will find your emotions all over the place. Your mouth will drop over the audacity of some of the characters, you’ll re-imagine scenes from DiCaprio’s crazy “uplifting” hype speeches, you’ll want to reach through the pages and hug and punch Buck all at the same time. The narration is excellent and flows effortlessly from chapter to chapter. Feminine voices were a bit meh but it’s not anything that hurts the overall vibe. I honestly do not have enough words to express my feelings when I finally took my headphones off and just sat there absorbing everything I listened too. It’s not like it is an action-packed thriller or anything crazy off the wall. It’s just so damn real.

Grab this book, especially if this is your genre. Heck, grab the audio which, for me, was even better. Be ready to feel anger, hype, love, shock and so much more. Watch your heart drop and your mouth spew profanities in indignation. I know I would’ve skipped over the physical copy if I had read the synopsis in store. I want to thank Libro.fm for providing this one as an ALC for reviewers this month and for the reviews I came across from some close Bookstagram friends. I may have missed a hidden gem if it weren’t for these platforms.